Weeks 7,8,9 and 10 is a study break…oh my!

If it appears on this blog that I may have fell backwards, that is correct. Oddly, I actually feel like maybe I fell forward. I feel this way for a really great reason. Allow me to explain. While working on my dream board and really defining the person I am becoming some of our assignments were tasked with not judging, observing and living life with gratitude and paying thanks forward. I discovered during week seven and eight a commonality with a close friend of being thankful to have come out of some massive life challenges and wanted to thank my friends who to me over the last 3 years have been like earth angels as well as strangers who helped place myself and my family in a much better place by giving Back this holiday season. My girlfriend Barbara and I set out simply to “adopt” a family this holiday season to ensure someone else has what they need along with receiving their holiday gift wishes for their family. We were declined a few times with traditional non-profits and then I recalled my annual gift giving with my religious community, the Giving tree. I will save my personal story for another time but what has resulted is an amazing display of love and gratitude from people who are close to us and strangers alike. You see, every year I work with this organization to honor that senior and youth holiday Christmas gift wishes. This year, Barbara and I were seeking to do more than just buy gifts, we wanted a family to literally support and get to know and hopefully help them have the most memorable and stress free holiday season.  The organization that we have partnered with already ensures that each family has a holiday dinner which is prepared by members of my own religious community. The magical parts and why it has to do with my MKMMA experience is related to the family and their circumstances & the amazing contributions from friends and strangers that are occurring right now as we speak. Our family consists of a 2 year old girl and boy and girl twins that are only 5 months old. Unfortunately their dad was killed in a tragic accident just weeks before they were born. To make things even more tragic their mom passed due to an infection from her C section. The maternal and paternal grandmothers are raising the three children. These circumstances  are heart wrenching and the grandmothers are so inspiring to everyone who hears their story.  Barbara and I have taken our wish to pay it forward and now have been gifted with more! We have an official event happening because of two selfless ladies, a Jewelry designer who is gifting proceeds from her sales along with her friend, Mary, a VP with a local bank, Florida Community Bank, who is providing not only the space to fund raise but a completely complimentary lunch to help Dawn the Jewelry Designer (appropriately named Sparkle of Life) raise money for the Giving Tree and our adopted family. Her beautiful Jewelry will be the catalyst to help us raise funds through a holiday luncheon fundraiser this Saturday. Surprise part of this event are more people like Dawn and Mary.  Our event guests and Facebook friends and acquaintances who are donating and really stepping up by offering more than expected and we are now being connected with like minded beautiful people who will remain in our hearts forever way beyond this holiday season. Our local fundraiser has caught media attention and a more amazing things continue to happen on a minute by minute basis! I don’t have enough space to write how good it feels to just do something for somebody else with no expectation of return. Even though I have gotten immersed in this fundraiser and have taken a true large dip in my actual studies, this amazing opportunity in my life was gifted to me and brought present through the MKMMA course.  We are currently on week 10 and it is a break from studying. It’s perfectly timed with our fundraiser that will occur this Saturday. I truly believe that I was meant to be doing this and I am forever grateful to have the opportunity to continue my studies to really dig deep and stay on a path to pay it forward. As you have probably noticed in my previous post, I have bigger dreams & life goals that I feel in time will tie this opportunity together in the future. I will continue to post and share more. I am starting to see a pattern from my learning and I am so excited 😆 to continue on my personal heroes journey!



Week 6: A treasure chest?

I have been doing a lot of thinking. This week is about solidifying and putting everything together. My homework was a unique dream board that feels almost like 3D and building on both my movie trailer and a newly crafted press release that was written last week and is posted on this blog that all of these elements are stemming off of my Definite Mission and Purpose statement.  I have been perfecting this statement known as my DMP over the last 5 weeks. It is so exciting to see everything come together! I’m having such some fun with my board! I am working to create my new reality through it. This discovery is just so awe-inspiring!  This new confidence for my future combined with reading of the Master Keys, reflection and Chapter 2 in “The Greatest Salesman in the World” by Og Mandino brought forth some deep seeded internal questions.  I feel this chapter and it’s character can relate to my actual life today. I keep asking myself… “What was the sole item in the secret room where Hafid brought Erasmus?” and even more importantly…”What was contained in the chest when Hafid opened it?” The answer is plainly written in this chapter. I reread this chapter frequently both in silence and aloud all week. I still asked these two questions each time I read it. I reflected on this particular passage in chapter 2. I keep  wondering… “What are the modern-day  treasures in my life?” I don’t have a defined answer as many thoughts flood my mind. Is it linked to my husband and son? Is it my confidence finally shining through? Is it the love from my friends, family and co-workers? Is it the divine guidance I feel more of now? I still search for the answer. My dream board is also taking on a new reality. Through this lesson, the one answer I do have is that I do believe in me. That’s a big deal! Maybe this answer is the start of the heroine’s role I was am seeking to find? Not positive…but I am sure that this revelation leads to finding out. Only more time in this course will truly uncover my answers.

Week 5: What does your mental home look like?

Friends, this week has been a tougher one for me. I had some setbacks in my mental home. I did not even realized it was called this until I really dove into this weeks Masterkey. What is that? The mind is simply the environments of all past and current life forces. The character pervasions that occur are a result of home, business and social environments where thousands of impressions, ideas and thoughts have been received to form opinions, suggestions and statements of our own thinking with little examination into them. I have been tripping over my own self. I slid backwards and feel that I am a little behind.  This week I have an amazing assignment to help solidify my mission and purpose in this life. Crazy part is while I am excited to do this, I have caught self doubt, anxiousness and other thoughts that are counterproductive seeping in. These thoughts have literally had me putting off writing until the very last moments. My mental homes condition is so important for me to write this assignment with joy that I am finding myself needing to reset my thoughts and literally pause to make sure what I am building is a good foundation. When I did a mock interview with a friend to prepare for this assignment midweek I discovered my own internal conflict. So now off to do some more clarification and much needed house keeping!

Week 4: It’s all starting to come together.

This week I am refining my movie trailer and starting to learn more about The Master Key. It starts off pointing out that some women and men seem to attract success, power, wrath, attainment with very little conscious effort. These people when I have come across them always seemed charmed, blessed or simply lucky. I felt the same through the years when I met someone who knew their career or personal path in life. After studying this week. I now realize their mental thoughts and power from within are the keys. The good news anyone can get there. It sounds simple but there are works and applications that must be made. This week mental and emotional exercises have been employed. This is the first time in my life honestly but I feel that I can start to see that it’s not favorable conditions that are helping me to focus and move towards my dreams, it’s the power to create and get really good at putting myself in harmony to  remains within the laws of abundance and service.  There’s more but to keep it simple in my explanation I am excited to share that by changing my habits and doing the inner work, my life seems to come into a clearer focus. For the first time in my life, I know what I want and I am learning how to achieve it while helping others. This week, everything got harder to balance.  I have realized that even through my challenges of doing all the necessary work, I have easily acquired the self love and discipline to continue on this journey of discovery.  That for me sharpened the picture even more. Anyone who knows me well could describe the former me as someone who stops and starts projects. I am proud of myself for finding a way. I’m excited to see where this newly acquired discipline leads me!

Week 3: What does my movie trailer look like?

How do you write a Hollywood script? This week was challenging for me. I am starting to see who I’m becoming. I couldn’t be more excited! This week was broken up with both sadness, gladness and abundance. I spent the first part of the week in Las Vegas. I was humbled by the display of true heart and grit by the people of the city. It really got me thinking about  this weeks assignment which is to start writing my life’s movie trailer. I truly struggled with the painting of that picture.  Finally, I was able to break it down into small bite size pieces. I believe my movie trailer contains a little bit of everything.  This hero accomplishes her dreams of building a beach empire, traveling the world, gains self-confidence & overcomes adversity.  The highlight is when it dawns on her that the abundance of inspiring others while doing good is one of her most sacred & treasured superpowers. Stay tuned…the script is still being revised.

Welcome to Week 2. Are our heroines aspirations In her life only a mirage?

I am diving deeper than I ever have to explore my difficulties, ignorance and confusion to discover the laws of nature behind the conscious and subconscious mind. The true mirage was formed when I tended to look at my current manifestations that have failed because of the wrong suggestions since they have always ignored my true interests. My biggest moment of Ah ha! was triggered when I started learning new habits to forge a new blueprint, one that I desire.  The real magic happens when linking them to my specific feelings, dreams and the outcomes that I truly want to see in my hero’s life. I learned so much about my true mission in life that I really want to achieve. So what makes this weeks discovery different? In the past, I tailored my answers to external stuff that was kinda generic and safe like wanting a bigger income, helping people, earning money to continue to lower our bills and even targeted some of my actual aspirations for charity work and travel but never really got to the core of what makes me happy.  Ironically I was truly confused and convinced that this was my “Why”, a reason for what I do that hit me in my core, my heart. This week, I made progress in unearthing my chief aim in life. I uncovered a few areas of my new purpose in my life that I previously never thought of or knew these areas of need to manifest ever existed. I am feeling happier because this process is helping me to get past some stressful mental blocks. Even recently, I stumbled when in the first week I had to readdress the subject before my studies introduced the idea that both our subconscious and conscious minds are in play while trying to answer those deep questions linked to my “Why” or What I desired in life. I am getting out of my own way to learn that the answers I have been giving are not authentic. Ironically, my friends, spouse and even business partners have been assigning the task for months to really dig down and figure out what I dream of doing. I had no idea until now that all  the digging in the world would never get me to my answer.  I learned this week that my true dreams and desires are linked to a more emotional, spiritually based and thoughtful answer and good habits. I am so excited that I am now starting to see that all my previous efforts that only used intentional based thinking is the true mirage for this real life heroine. I am excited to continue this week in laying a solid foundation that will form the real & truly desired dreams of my life.

Week #1 is underway for The Master Key Mastermind Alliance. Why am I calling it my hero’s journey?


What is a Hero’s Journey?

According to Wikipedia it is defined as: In narratology and comparative mythology, the monomyth, or the hero’s journey, is the common template of a broad category of tales that involve a hero who goes on an adventure, and in a decisive crisis wins a victory, and then comes home changed or transformed.

My Hero’s journey is joining in a self discovery course like no other and joining into  “The Master Key Mastermind Alliance Experience”. What exactly is that? A quote from the creator will help me describe it to you, “The Master Key Master Mind Alliance is about people like you and me giving an hour a day for self-discovery and improvement to change their lives. Is ‘life-changing’ over stating it? No, not at all.” –Mark Januszewski

My entering this program is my announcing to all of you that I am putting myself out there to literally transform myself into the amazing person I envision I can be. My heroic story when completed might possibly sound very familiar to my readers. I am confident that it will detail twists and turns that are truly unique to my life and this journey.

I invite you to join me as I begin a very vulnerable and a very exciting adventure to get a handle on who I truly am and transform over the next 26 weeks into a new, heroic version of me.